Cubane Roadmap

The cubane has came a long way. Stay connected to know more.

September to November

  • WhitePaper Release
  • Media and Insurance Concept Note
  • Partnership with Web3 Startup Identify potential partners
  • P2P Implemented with a Test Net Develop and test P2P network
  • Updated Architecture of Cubane
  • SAFT Investment

December to February

  • Brand awareness Hackathons
  • Build & launch 5 Dapps on Cubane
  • Improve Chat Protocol
  • Update ChatBuck App UX and Features Identify necessary updates
  • Launch Cubane Explorer
  • Launch BugBounty
  • Organiza Airdrops
  • Introduce Sharding
  • Launch Human-readable address and identity management toolkit

March to May

  • Add Zkp (Zero-Knowledge Proofs) Develop and implement Zkp Test and finalize
  • Release Updated Whitepaper Review and update content
  • Private Sale A or B of CB Token
  • Build 10 more Dapps on Cubane
  • Aim for 100K users on ChatBuck
  • Onboard 10 Web3 Creators and have them use the ChatBuck lounge
  • Start working on a POC of Media and Insurance

June to August

  • Launch Main Net
  • Multi language smart contract
  • ICO launch
  • Partnership with Insurance companies, Media, and register for IPR
  • Introduce Audio and Video call features in ChatBuck App
  • Add other features on Cubane like slashing, DeFi toolkit
  • Build another 15 Dapps on Cubane, with 5 focusing on real use cases
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