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Welcome to Cubane, where innovation meets integrity.

Our Mindset Sets Us Apart

our believe statement

Empowering Tomorrow, Today. At Cubane, we believe in a decentralized future, where accessibility and innovation converge to shape a more inclusive world.



Multi-Language Smart Contracts

Cubane offers multi-language support for smart contract development. Developers can write smart contracts in their preferred programming languages, eliminating the need to learn new languages specific to the blockchain platform.

Cross-Chain Interoperability

Cubane aims to solve challenges industries like insurance and media with premade smart contract and give automated solutions through the management infra


User-Centric Experience

Cubane provides a developer-friendly ecosystem with pre-built toolkits, libraries, and support for popular programming languages. This enables developers to easily build decentralized applications (DApps) without the steep learning curve associated with other blockchain platforms.


Creating a Smarter and Decentralized Society


Innovating to Empower the Future with Blockchain Technology


We uphold integrity, transparency, and inclusivity in every aspect of our operations, guided by ethical principles in technology innovation

The organizational driving force is the shared vision and motivation that propel success through united efforts and values.

What Drives Us?

Driven by a vision to make blockchain technology accessible and user-friendly, the Cubane team embarked on a mission to create Cubane. We understood that for DApps to flourish, developers needed a simpler and more intuitive environment. Cubane’s developer-friendly approach was designed to break down those barriers, offering pre-built toolkits, libraries, and support for popular programming languages.

ChatBuck Messenger

Our Dapp

ChatBuck – ChatBuck is the first Indian Decentralisation Blockchain based Connectivity App that helps users to secure their data along with the gain more privacy and enhancing their security over the internet

Industries We Work In

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Cubane’s media solutions revolutionize the industry by seamlessly integrating blockchain technology.Cubane ensures secure and efficient handling of media-oriented data. From content authenticity to decentralized applications.

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Cubane’s insurance solution redefines the landscape by bringing transparency, efficiency, and security to the insurance industry through blockchain technology. With specialized protocols and seamless cross-chain integration, Cubane ensures that policy management, claims processing, and data security are streamlined for both insurers and policyholders.

Our Blocks

“Discover the power of ‘Our Team’ – a dynamic fusion of diverse talents converging for innovation and shared success. Together, we redefine possibilities.”

Jitesh Kumar Thakur


Entrepreneur with expertise in revolutionizing the blockchain space through Cubane. Leading a developer-friendly platform with a focus on cross-chain integrations. Passionate about driving innovation.

Tuphan Banerjee


“As CMO of our blockchain journey, I blend creativity with technology, forging a narrative where every block sparks innovation. Let’s redefine the future together.”

Md. Faizan


Md. Faizan, Chief Branding Officer, excels in crafting compelling brand stories and elevating brand presence. With a focus on authenticity, he plays a key role in shaping our organization’s identity.

Utkarsh Shrivastava

Advisor & Chief Commercial Officer

Utkarsh, with majors in Electronics & Telecommunication from MITS Gwalior, India holds a vast & dynamic experience across Web3 & Blockchain space.
Previously worked as a Product Manager at Polygon, he currently holds the position of Founder @Threeway Studio & @Web3 Carnival


Legal Advisor

Hi, I’m Subha, a legal whiz with a knack for navigating the intricate world of Tech, AI, Web 3, Crypto, Blockchain and DAO Laws.

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